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About Us

Al-boraq Tech is keen on continuous development and we are always keen to be the first to offer the best quality in the work

Alboraq Tech

Al boraq Tech is distinguished by the quality of web design by providing an integrated team of professional designers and programmers. Al boraq Tech has been characterized by the idea of innovation, perfection of execution, and endless creativity by design

Company data

  • Establishment 15 January 2005
  • Phone number +(963) 959 638 074
  • skype alboraq.tech
  • Website www.alboraq-tech.com
  • email info@alboraq-tech.com.com

Our business is our best guide

Al boraq Tech is a 10 years of creativity in the web industry through our diverse services From hosting, design, programming and marketing, we have a strong team with extensive experience in the field of the web able to complete and implement any project idea may be raised by our customers after 10 years of success.

Our services

Our services - programming
Our services - training
Our services - design

Our Goals

The company seeks to be the best in the fields of design, web and training. It also seeks to develop its software technology, develop its hosting services and maintain the necessary level of security. It also strives to ensure that its customers' sites and designs are of a high quality, which achieve its target since many customers benefited of our services.

In terms of training, we strive to enrich Arabic educational content and provide professional explanations for many of the most modern and required programs in the local and international labor market in Arabic, simplifying and explaining programs and technical sciences and making them available to the Arab user and making our professional trace concerning the e-learning and distance learning is very explicit.



Establishment & Our Mission


Al-boraq Tech launched in 2005 as a design, programming and web hosting company, a professional graphic design and a distinguished, innovative and effective training

Our Mission

Contribute to the web industry, enrich Arabic educational content and excellence in professional design, especially in the field of infographic, using modern techniques and tools, and continue to provide all the best

Our vision


Respect for the customer

Since most serious customers are not specialists in this area and mostly from the category of employers who want to use the Internet to develop their business and communicate with a wider segment of customers in other countries and therefore the company sees the need to direct them and not exploit their technical weakness in different ways.

The principle of privacy

The hosting companies must respect the principle of privacy when dealing with any client from the point of preservation and not to see the data on the servers.

The principle of ownership

The site and Domains that the company creates is owned by the owner of the site and not entitled to dispose of it in any form, and the owner of the domain has the right to transfer it to any other party


We design visual identity and commercials as the customer wants and add our creative and artistic touch with craftsmanship so that the design reaches the desired level and achieves widespread and popular reputation. We are interested in the science of Infographic and we drop it professionally on modern designs that contain Islamic teachings

Training and development

We prepare scientific materials in various fields and train them in training and development centers to raise the efficiency of employees in various sectors














Our Services


Professional Websites (Dynamic -Static),CMS Content Management Systems,Integrated solutions for web services


Microsoft Office programs especially Excel program,Correspondence, professionalism and management of e-mail, Site Programming Languages (PHP - HTML - CSS - JavaScript ),Data management programs in the field "CommCare -KOBO, E-learning systems "Moodle"

web services

Electronic Learning Systems (MODEL),Electronic marketing platforms,Installation and Management (Forums -WordPress -Blogs -Joomla), Create and manage social networking pages,Link the site to social networking pages for automatic publishing


Visual identity,Commercial ads,Infographic,Various web templates

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